Ünnep // Feast


My girlfriends from uni and I got together these days to celebrate Nora’s 30th birthday. She spent the last six month in Sri Lanka, so we had our little feast a few month later. What a reunion! Last year I made her this original Golden Girl coctai from ABM for her bachelorette party, and now I designed the Golden Girl cake for her. She is truly golden!  However, I was not planning to put this cake on the blog, but as it is so tasty I thought it deserves a post.  (So I apologize for my not-so-blog-compatible photos.) Happy birthday Nora! 30 is the new 20.


The Golden Girl cake

For the batter:

3 egg whites and yolks separated

3 T hot water

150 g sugar, and one bag vanilla sugar

100 g all purpose flour

50 g starch

3 T unsweetened cocoa powder

pinch of salt, 1 t baking powder

any kind of liqueur that has a fruity taste, I used blackberry liqueur

For the cream:

300 g mascarpone

300 g hungarian cottage cheese or soft cream cheese

sugar to taste

zest of one lemon

300 g frozen raspberries

Mix the sugars and salt in a small bowl. Also mix the flour, starch, baking powder and coca in another ball. Beat up the egg whites with the hot water. Add the yolks carefully, then add the sugar and then the flour mixture, while mixing it constantly with a rubber spatula. Pour it in a cake mold lined with baking sheet. Bake it on 160 Celsius for 30 min. When cold, water with the liqueur until the batter is softened. Meanwhile baking, mix the mascarpone and cottage cheese or cream chese with a blender, to smoothen the crumbs of the cottage cheese. Add the sugar, and zest and cool it for half an hour. If the cream is too thick, add a tablespoon (or two) sour cream to it.

Pour third of the cream on the batter, and create an even layer. Add the berries, then cover them with the rest of the cream. Sprinkle the cake with some golden lustre with a dense strainer and add some golden sugar pearls right  before serving. I bought theese golden decorations in Asia Bt.


This cake is tasty, very girlish and a perfect treat for a weekday night out accompanied with a nice white vine and friends.

As you can imagine, I fell in love with gold-covered cakes. I mean, how cool is this? And I am definitely going to to this! I love the golden fruits.

And last but not least  I hit my 20th post on the blog with my last writing about my new boxwood plants. Long live my blog, I hope I will get the chance to continue and evolve fos many years.

ps: Now we are heading to the playground, I wil update the post with the hungarian version in the evenig.


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