Hétvégi ital // Weekend smoothie


I know, I am crazy, it is only Thursday. But I have a theory, or at least, I had, before being a mom. Because since Helka was born, weekends have pretty much the same routines as weekdays. But before her, I spent my weekdays at the office. Working hard of course, and waiting for weekend. To make sure it comes soon, I made up a theory: Thursday night is already weekend, because who cares about Fridays? The whole Friday is weekend! You just have to survive the day as fast as you can, and then Boooom! Friday night = 100% weekend.

So. How will you make this drink for Friday morning, if I only post it on Friday? There you go!

Orange coconut smoothie serves one:

1 cup coconut milk (from powder or liquid)

juice of 1 orange

1 whole orange

a frozen banana (peeled and freezed for overnight)

some xilit to taste

orange zest

home made vanilla extract

Mix the ingredients in a blender, until smooth, for about 3 minutes. Pour into a portable cup, sprinkle with orange zest. Take it to work, Enjoy Friday!

P.S. From now on, I will share a smoothie or shake recipe for Fridays during spring season. My aim is to eat more healthy and consume more fruits, so I will clean my system during the spring months. Also I wish to inspire you to be more produtive and happy at work.



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