A sign of spring

I am so excited about our narcissus and tulip bulbs! I planted them early december, which was a little late actually. It is better to plant in september, or early october. But as they were wrapped in old newspaper and put in a drawer outside, I had forgotten about them, and some of them already had some tiny yellowish shoot. I found this on pinterest, and planted them in a container. Now they look like this:




5 thoughts on “A sign of spring

    • Hi Jessica!Thank you for your nomination, I am really excited!I read the details on your blog, and I will participate. I follow many blogs but most fo them already have more followerd than 200. Is there a fast way to search for blogs with few followers? Can I nominate a blog which is not wp based? I love your blog, the places you visited are really amusing. See you around!Sofi


      • You’re welcome! I also did not follow many blogs with a few followers…I did some searching through wordpress but I’m sure you could nominate non wordpress blogs! And thanks! =]


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