My experience of skiing

sielos vezerfoto

Whenever I go skiing I come home super relaxed and happy. There is nothing more refreshing for me, than a few days of skiing (in total sunshine.)This year it was extra relaxing, as my in-laws joined in to help baby-sitting our one year old daughter. With a baby, a 4 day skiing with day-care is heaven!

I am shure, that those of you who ski are familiar with this feeling. But those who are not, still experience the extra energy you regain by any sports you practice.There is a special thing between me and skiing, that I’d like to share with you.

Though I am not doing sport daily, and I have learnt skiing when I was 20, sliding down the slope gives me a great sense of achivement and confidence. Don’t get me wrong, this does not make me a good skier, but I figured, I must have the talent for it, as I enjoy every minute out there. Because of this, I can happly push myself to try to be better and better every time, and I spend one day with skiing until I reach the very end of my phisical limit. I only experience shuch a strong willpower when I ski. No other sport gives me such freedom. Also, being out there, on a mountainpeak, in the snow, under the sun, where human body would definitely die without proper clothing, makes me feel extra strong.

It is great to know, I have so much extra energy left, so from now on, I try to recall this attitude in my daily life, whenever I feel uninspired. Do you have any sport where you experience a similar enthusiasm?Or any other activity?

P.S. I dedicate this post to my very first follower, Angie Seggara, a great friend who’s support was always life-saving.


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