LESS / My one little word for 2015


When I first read about the one little word for a year here, I was like, “whooow!” finally an easy, nice way to give my new year a theme, and plan my to-do list around it. You can read about the original concept here.

Choosing a word for 2015 turned out to be a very good idea for me. This year I have started this blog, so I can show my friends&family what we are doing this year, how Helka grow and develops, and how I spend my free time working on my projects. I have a completely new scedule for this year, with so many ideas to accomplish, that I definitely need a lot of help to do so. (Evet so that I have already promised myself, to chose only a few ideas for this year, and lelave the rest to 2016.) This little word will guide me throuh the new year. I can rely on it, hold on to it, make it a theme, a cadre for myself. I can reach back for it in posts, diy projects, writings, photos. It is a new inspiration for me.

less with more

My one little word is LESS. In a positive way. Like less wining, less things I want. Less things I have to put away, when I tidy the house. Less things I will have to focus on. Less clothes in my closet and less furniture in my apartment. More space, I welcome you! (We live in a small apartment.) Less time on facebook. Less stress, and more play with my daughter. I want to create a simple life for us, and LESS is a perfect word for that. It will help me to finish all the project I have choosen for this year.

God, this year will be so great, I can feel it already!LESS, I have so much faith, we will work perfect together.


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